Our dogs and puppies are fed a raw diet of meat and edible raw bones. We have found this to be the healthiest and most natural diet possible for dogs. The diet consists of chicken carcasses and wings, minced chicken, duck, lamb, beef, tripe, heart, fish, venison and various game which are key elements to a dog’s diet. They are also given non weight bearing meaty bones. All raw food purchased is from DEFRA approved and inspected premises.

Since feeding this way for a number of years now we have found our dogs to be leaner, in excellent health with clean teeth and glossy coats. Eating bones is mentally simulating and satisfying for the dog which of course they are only doing what they would if they were in the wild. Many dog trainers behaviourists advocate this diet as they have seen much calmer dogs.

All our puppies are weaned onto a natural raw diet. Feeding a raw diet is very simple and the only extra requirement is freezer space. It can be fed to suit your life style, balancing the diet over time and still providing your puppy the best diet possible. Feeding raw meaty bones is essential as the puppy is provided with the correct level of calcium needed for fast growing bones.

We firmly believe that feeding a raw diet is the best way to raise puppies into adult life. We give a lot of information in our puppy packs about feeding this way and give as much support as needed for anyone who has not fed this way before. There are lots of suppliers.

Raw feeding is not a new fad diet! It is a return to the type of food a dog would naturally eat. Sadly kibble (dry food) and tin (wet food) took over to suit the convenience market. Basically the pet food selling (dry/kibble) industry saves the human food industry from a waste disposal problem, so we ask to think very carefully before choosing a fast food diet for your pet. They use EVERY part of the animal, to make tinned/sausage type and dried kibble.

Quote from 'Give Your Dog A Bone' by Dr. Ian Billinghurst B.VSc [Hons], B.Sc.Agr., Dip.Ed:-
The fact that an evolutionary diet promotes health comes as no surprise. That a grain based product such as commercial pet food is destructive to a dogs health should also be no surprise. However, clever marketing (combined with very poor science) has resulted in these atrocious products being the major source of food fed to most pets in developed countries. And yet, feeding our pets according to the dictates of evolution (which is sound science in every sense of the word) is currently regarded by some as a fad, which they assume, will be short lived. I don't think so! www.barfworld.com/html/dr_billinghurst/meet.shtml



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