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Owning a dog will drastically alter your life for ten years or so and therefore the first decision you have to make is whether you should own a dog in the first place. Remember, care and attention is necessary 365 days a year - including Bank Holidays. The next important matter to consider is your choice of dog. You may well admire the beautiful appearance of a Golden Retriever, but is the breed suited to your lifestyle? Such matters such as coat, size and breed characteristics must be taken into account.


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The questions you must ask yourself at the outset, because we certainly will want to know, are:

Permanent loving homes are our first consideration. Our puppies are born and reared in the home, they have access to fresh air daily from 4 weeks of age, either in our kennel run or in the garden under supervision. We allow them to explore our home (within limits) and are all paper and garden trained. They are nearly house trained before they leave us for their new homes. The puppies are handled, they play and mix with our adult dogs and are exposed to all the normal sounds around the house. Therefore they are likely to settle easily into their new homes.

Prospective owners are always welcome to view the puppies prior to the puppy leaving for his/her new home. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions. As we are anxious the puppies have a long and happy life we are careful that they go to carefully vetted and suitable homes.

All puppies leave home with rearing guidelines and information starter pack, which includes:

A contract is also agreed between ourselves and the new 'parents' which covers registration endorsements, return of dogs and general care aspects.

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