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Golden Retrievers

A Golden Retriever is an ideal choice as a gundog and also a family pet due to its excellent temperament. It's biddable nature has made it a favourite for being trained as Assistance Dogs.

The Golden Retriever is a fun loving dog, with a gentle temperament and thrive on day-to-day aspects of the family life. They always want to please and are in their element when you pick up a feeding bowl or a lead. These endearing characteristics make them one of the most suitable pets and they have infinite patience from the activities of boisterous young children to the elderly.

Generally their life span is between 12 to 14 years. There is no great difference between the temperament of the sexes and both make ideal companions. One of the most identifiable things about a Golden Retriever is its coat. This can come in various shades of gold to cream. They also love water and 'mud' and lots of it ! So if you are a house proud person this might not be the dog for you.



Dani and Willow have worked extremely hard to achieve Dog Assistance status and obtained their Certificate. Willow is from Kazuri's first litter (Watamusand Touch the Wind) and is now a fully qualified assistance dog.

We are very proud of their achievement and wish them every success in the future.





Our Dogs:

They are an important part of our family life and to some extent they rule how we live. Detailed below are some of the considerations we adhere to in rearing our dogs. They are fed on the BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food) and we do not feed dried kibble or tinned food. We firmly believe in giving our dogs 'real food'.

They are exercised daily and are fit and healthy.



Feeding - We feed naturally and obtain our supplies from:

Natural Instinct (click here for web site)

Wolf Tucker(click here for web site)

Durham Animal Feeds (DAF) (click here for web site)

Anglia Meat Products (click here for web site)

Meat, chicken wings and raw meaty bones from the local butcher

Exercise - Our dogs are exercised at least twice daily and are fit and healthy. All have been involved in obedience and gundog training.

The dogs also swim in a local hydrotherapy pool 'Paws in Water' run by Alison Hudd
Telephone 01380 860720


This is Khita having her first swim.






Health - Golden Retrievers are a hardy breed and, with common sense and attention to detail, visits to the vets can be kept to a minimum. We have decided that our dogs are treated where possible with complimentary medicine. We use a homeopathic suppliers:

Their general condition is testament to their diet and treatment.
We have experienced vaccination damage and it can be a controversial subject. Recently it has been reported that dogs and cats do not require annual vaccinations or boosters, this maybe is a start in the right direction.

Interest in Showing - We don't take this too seriously but our dogs are shown at open and Championship shows. Sakina has been to Crufts and they have been involved in obedience and gundog training. If you wish to look at grooming kit and accessories have a look at

Registration - Our dogs are registered with the Kennel Club. Further information can be obtained from their web site (Click here)

Further Reading - If you are interested in feeding your dog the BARF diet please feel free to contact me on our contact form. There are also very good books you can purchase on natural feeding and vaccination damage. Puppy ownership books

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