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About Us

Our names are Christine and Michael. We live in Wiltshire and have had the pleasure of owning Golden Retrievers for over 30 years. We have always felt the need to have dogs around us and we are very fortunate in having Sakina, Kazuri and Tusker.


(2017 with the addition of Khita)

Our dogs are our pride and joy and are lovingly cared and exercised everyday for 365 days a year. Our dogs have taken Christine into the world of 'showing' although obedience training had always been her interest before. Our dogs have not failed us in the show ring and Sakina qualified for Crufts 2012. Christine has also undertaken workshops and study in homeopathy and natural remedies to assist in determining health and ill health in dogs. Khita progressed into Gundog training and has passed her Stage One and Two with distinction.

We are not commercial breeders so if you like one of our puppies you may have to wait awhile. When we do breed, we are very careful in making sure that we produce strong, healthy dogs with, above all, excellent temperament. We have bred from Gypsy (RIP) and Khita (RIP) and from her second litter born in 2010 we kept Sakina. It is our hope that others have enjoyed these dogs as much as we enjoy ours. We provide a support service to new owners and encourage them to keep in touch. We do everything to make the transistion as smooth as possible for the puppies.

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We are hoping to breed in 2021


If you have any interest in puppies you can let us know by Puppy Enquiry Form and we can register your interest.

When contacting us please give your name and address, telephone details, a little about yourself and your enquiry. Thank you